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Matcha Tea

  • What is matcha?
  • Matcha is a finely ground and powdered green tea. . A cup of matcha is equivalent of 10 cups of green tea.

  • improves energy/metabolic rate

  • ~Helps in weight loss
    ~Full of vitamins and minerals
    ~anti-aging and immunity
    ~Stabilizes cholesterol and blood sugar level
    ~Cleansing and detoxifying effects
    ~Improves mental/physical alertness
    ~full of Antioxidants and Chlorophyll
    ~Contains Catechins Only Found in Green Tea
    ~Naturally Mood Enhancing
    ~Zero on the Glycemic Index, will not raise insulin levels
    ~Sugar-free, High in Fibre

  • Add a quarter to half a teaspoon to a bowl Add Hot Water / milk
    Whisk and make as frothy as possible, drink immediately
    Be sure to drink it all-up, and leave no wo/man behind

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