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  • Will my LSTea expire or 'go off'?
  • Where are the directions for the detox located?
  • Can I eat and exercise normally during my weightloss detox?
  • Can I/should I drink coffee during my detox?
  • Will my detox effect my contraceptive pill?
  • How frequently should I detox?
  • How much time should I leave in between weightloss detox?
  • Can I add ingredients to my teas?
  • Disclaimer
  • Our Morning Detox is super-yummy. Think Spearmint, plus the finest green tea with a hint of lemon. Hot or cold..?! She’ll go down well.

  • Evening Cleanse tastes of Rhubarb and ginger and chamomile,  You will soon be drifting off to the sweetest of dreams, knowing your body is cleansing and detoxing while you sleep.

  • Fruity and minty thanks to strawberries, white tea and hint of peppermint, oh so soothing for skin, the Skin Detox is that good we recommend two cups a day. Om-nom-nom.

  • Imagine, you’re drinking a botanical punch of amino acids and vitamins – all under the signature taste of a green tea. BONUS! Especially delicious when mixed into a matcha latte. Pass me the coconut milk

  • A hug on the inside – that’s what our Mint Choc Chip Dessert Tea tastes like. Cacao goodness with a hint of peppermint, it’s the type of satisfaction that leaves your taste buds dancing, (Perhaps, all night long…)

  • Just like that perfect partner – Sugar Detox is sweet, spicy, ticking all the boxes. Correct, you’re tasting cinnamon and sweet orange. All while keeping your sugar cravings at bay.

  • It’s like a Mediterranean summer night – with a sweet lemon aftertaste

  • Like anything, the fresher it is, the better it is for you. Same goes with LSTea. Although it does not spoil – in order to reap the health benefits of these exquisite teas and superfoods don’t wait around. Want to prolong its shelf-life..?! Make sure you seal the pouch properly, to seal in the goodness, and simply pop it in the freezer for those of you in a warmer climate outside the UK. (Send us some sun while you’re at it!)

  • You’ll find all you need to know under the ‘directions’ tab of of each product Otherwise, check your detox packaging – she’s got your back!

  • Of course! We encourage it! In fact, you’ll probably find you’ll have more energy to exercise – stamina and endurance inclusive, high-five!
    Remember, LSTea will effect different people in different ways; best to eat healthy to maximize all effects positively. Even better, we provide a free ‘LSTea Healthy Eating Plan’ HERE to assist you throughout your Detox and aid weight loss.
    You’re welcome. (Note, we’re only an email away if you’re extra-curious, we’re not going anywhere!)

  • We suggest you steer clear. Why?! Coffee is dehydrating (even decaf!) and can counteract the effects of your detox. Make a clean start, you know..?!

  • EVENING CLEANSE YES! (Capitals for importance!) Evening Cleanse tea can affect the accuracy of your pill – that’s IF you take your pill in the morning within four hours of the cleanse effect. Put two-and-two together! The Evening cleanse does not contain senna, but be careful We suggest, taking your pill at night to avoid any complications/accidents. We know you’ve got it covered.

  • Your LSTea pyramid teabags should see you enjoy one cup of tea every morning, you can reuse the teabags and enjoy multiple cups per day and the Evening cleanse right before bed.
    When it comes to your Hair, Skin and Sugar Teatox – as much as your tea-loving heart requires!

  • Two x 14-day detoxes can be completed back-to-back, no issue! But be warned Teaser, leave it a month or so before taking on another 14 Let your body enjoy the process!

  • Your detox does not mean a complete change of lifestyle! You’re still you. Continue your diet and exercise habits – if anything, up the anti! For the max-of-maximum results exercise regularly, drink two to three litres of water a day and stick to clean foods. Processed meat and sugar? Stay away.

  • Now what..?! (We here you asking!) Well, we’re hoping you continue your healthy, positive lifestyle after seeing the results of LSTea. However, it’s your call, your responsibility. Remember, a healthy lifestyle and an optimistic mindset is a happy one. So stay on-top  we’ve got your back. Good vibes all round.

  • After something a little more sweet?! We (totally!) understand. May we suggest adding goji berries, honey or organic maple syrup..?! Or perhaps you can soak the tea with another teabag that has a stronger flavour – peppermint, lemongrass or ginger are all tasty-ones. Be assured, the outcome of your tea will not be affected using the mentioned-methods.

  • LSTea is not for everyone (or perhaps just a case of wrong timing!) be sure you’re informed  - LSTea is NOT for pregnant women. - LSTea is not for children under 12 (your body is still growing!) If you’re under 16-years of age please gain parental or guardian consent before purchasing this product. - If you’re taking medication and/or breast-feeding consult your health care practitioner before commencing your LSTea teatox; be on the safe side. - Your LSTea detox should compliment a healthy, balanced diet – a meal replacement it is NOT. - Let it be well known that the LSTea Evening Cleanse tea is designed to have a cleansing effect How so?! A light stomach movement, cramping and increased frequency of visiting the bathroom BUT should NOT escalate to diarrhoea, nausea, vomiting, excessive abdominal pain, dizziness and severe cramping. (The morning after drinking the tea…) if you find the latter to be the case, cease use of LSTea #teatox and consult your health care practitioner.

Peace + love.
LSTea, it’s how ‘you’ do healthy. x.

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